Thursday 13th July broke fine and clear thank goodness, as we had planned a full day of fun and activity at our Bootcamp for the whole school. With fantastic support from the Royal Navy, some of our recently departed Year 11 students, and Year 10 Sports Leaders from Clayton Hall, the activities were set up across the sports fields.

Challenges included tug of war, tyre lifts, obstacle circuits through cargo nets, up inclines and over tyres, and individual circuit-type exercises including running with backpacks, carrying fuel cans and sit ups.

Everyone really worked hard to do their very best for their teams and in individual performances, and some were really surprised by their ability to achieve amazing feats.  All the staff supported their house members in the competition and encouraged them to have a go and do their best.

“It was an unforgettable experience, never done anything like this before”, said Byron.  “It was a great day, really enjoyable experience, beating the other form was best!” agreed Liam.

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