Year 11 Revision

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Subject Information for 2021-2022


Subject Exam Board Exams * Controlled Assessment / NEA Deadlines
English Language AQA 2 exam papers


Each Paper is 1 Hour 45 mins

Spoken Language Presentation – up to 10 mins There’s no requirement for teachers to submit a sample of audio-visual recordings of Spoken Language assessment. The Spoken Language assessment can take place in front of a single teacher who can represent an ‘audience’. The Spoken Language assessment can be conducted by the teacher at any time during the course and by virtual means. Submission date/deadlines have not yet been set by the exam board.
English Literature AQA 2 exam papers


Paper 1 is 2 x 50 mins with a break in between under exam conditions

Paper 2 is 1 Hour 45 mins

Maths Edexcel 3 exam papers

1hr 30 mins each

Combined Science AQA 6 papers, 2 each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics

1hr 10 mins each


All either foundation or higher.

None All marks are combined to give a double science grade eg 55 or 54
French AQA 3 exam papers: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking (F or H tier) None The speaking exam has been removed for this exam series.  It will be replaced by internally assessed speaking judgements “Pass, Merit, Distinction”.  This judgement will sit alongside the overall GCSE grade.
Geography AQA 3 exam papers

1hr 15/30 mins

None The fieldwork component has been removed this year.  Therefore Paper 3 has been shortened by 15 minutes and comprises fewer marks.  This does not affect the overall grade.
History Edexcel 3 exam papers. Paper 1 is 1 hour 15, Paper 2 is 1 hour 45, Paper 3 is 1 hour 20 None  
Computer Science AQA 2 exam papers (100%) 1 Project

20 hours

Project is due March 2021, but can be undertaken at home.  Some aspects will be set as homework.

The project must be completed to pass the course.

Creative iMedia OCR 1 exam paper  (25%) (Jan or May) 3 assignments (75%)  
Hospitality and Catering Eduqas 1 external examination (40%) 1 NEA assignment (60%) Awaiting further info from exam board for summer 2021 adaptations. NEA teacher submission date window 27th April-5th May. All NEA selected to be with moderator by 5th May. Unit 1 Exam in June 2021
DIT Edexcel 1 external exam 2 assignments  
Sport Pearson 1 exam paper (On screen) 3 assignments / units Leadership Assignment to be complete by half term.

Exam to be sat last week before Christmas.

Final assignment, personal fitness to be complete by April 2021.

Photography OCR  1 portfolio (digital submission) 1 Assignment Usually 15th May but timeframes are not yet set for digital moderation.
Art OCR 10-hour exams based on personal projects in Year 11. 2 personal projects.

Year 10 Natural Forms.

Year 11 Own choice

Project 1 is completed in Year 10. All classwork.

Project 2 is completed in Year 11 and chosen by the student.  The exam paper is given at end of term 1 and completed at end of project at Easter.

Performing Arts Pearson Practical Exam is marked as a performance. 3 components assessed in several ways.

Preparation, Knowledge, Performance, Evaluation.

Comp 1. Exploring the Performing Arts

Comp 2. Developing skills and techniques

Comp 3. Responding to a brief.

Music Eduqas Component 3 (40%) 1 hour and 15 minutes exam – external – exam May/June Component 1 (30%) – 1 solo Performance Component 2 (30%) – 1 composition either free or set brief. January 2021 February 2021
Engineering Pearson     Awaiting confirmation
Health and Social care Pearson 1 examination 4 assignments 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B Exam- Component 3- February 2021 Assignments 1A, 1B, 2A to be given in and marked by 18.09.20. Final grade awarded 14.12.20 Assignment 2B to be completed by 19.04.21
Enterprise Pearson 1 examination 3 Components: 1 and 2 are internally assessed via assignments.  Component 3 is an externally assessed written assessment. Component 2 now to be completed by 14.12.20 (was due by end July 2020).  Exam content to be started Jan 2021.