Hedgehog Rescue

On Wednesday 2nd November during Miss Moyden’s science lesson in P4 students in 8c1 noticed a hedgehog on the playing field outside, wandering around and getting pecked by 7 magpies.  Mrs Allen took a box and old towel out and caught it, bringing it back inside to the lesson.  Once we weighed it and found it was a juvenile at only 255g, we contacted Stapeley RSPCA wildlife centre who asked us to bring it down.  It looked in reasonable health but because of its low weight and the fact it was active during daytime hours, this meant it needed specialist help. 

8c1 were able to see the hedgehog before Mrs Allen took him/her up to Stapeley, and they were fascinated.  For some students this was the first time they had seen one, especially so close up. 

Stapeley’s plan is to feed, water and monitor the hedgehog for the next few days.  Once they know it is stable, they will contact Mrs Allen to discuss bringing it back here for hibernation and eventual release next year back into the wild in the local area (not necessarily the playing field!).  Miss Moyden has already volunteered her services as she lives locally and has regular hedgehog visitors to her garden, as well as other wildlife including foxes and squirrels.   

We are all keeping our fingers crossed for the little lady/fella.

 hedgehog-at-stapeley hedgehog-box hedgehog-in-towell


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