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Our pedagogy

At Newcastle Academy, we believe in quality first teaching. This means that every child is challenged at the appropriate pitch and pace, thus allowing them to maximise academic progress.

To achieve this, we use a common language of learning across the academy. This is based on Bloom’s taxonomy of learning. Where low level skills are referred to as knowledge, and the most complex techniques are referred to as synthesis and evaluation. We encourage our students to progress up these skills in lessons as quickly as possible, ensuring their individual pith and pace in lessons. This is closely linked to GCSE grades, as we know our students must be able to use analysis and evaluative skills to gain the most amount of marks in their examinations.

In addition to using Blooms taxonomy of learning, we also have weekly focuses on other academic skills. Every week we focus on the following four:

  1. Academic skill
  2. One of our 5 R’s
  3. A literacy focus &
  4. A word of the week

These skills are taught discreetly in all subjects.