Technology enhances the lives of all, from the latest wearable devices to help around the home appliances, technology forms an integral part of everyday life.  To this end, the Technology faculty strives to remain up to date and ensure pupils are prepared to meet the challenges in life that Technology can both solve and create.

The Technology faculty consists of a range of subject areas.  To meet the demand of our pupils we work in tandem with Clayton Hall Academy to provide cross-federation courses as well as running our own.  Below is a list of all subject areas in the faculty:

Newcastle Academy Clayton Hall Academy/ Cross-federation
KS3 ICT/Computer Science

Design Technology



Creative iMedia

Computer Science





Design Technology

Child Development

The Technology faculty comprises of a new team of enthusiastic practitioners – dedicated to ensuring the pupils receive the highest quality learning experiences, staffs the faculty.

Embracing the DIET (Diagnose, Intervene/Enrich Test) principles, we aim to ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to reach their full potential.