The staff and senior leadership team at Newcastle Academy and United Endeavour Trust are always keen to receive feedback from our parents and stakeholders. We believe excellent education can only be achieved in cooperation with the families and carers of the young people who attend our school, and the communities we serve.

Recent Feedback:

OCT 2019 – “I just wanted to say congratulations to you and your team for last night. Every classroom had something engaging and informative for both children and parents. I for one have noticed a massive change in the school in the last 18 months and after visiting others schools on their open evening, last night helped to confirm my decision to send my second son next September and then third son the year after to Newcastle Academy. Everyone I spoke to last night were pleasantly surprised by your staff and the children around the school.
I watched the interaction with how the staff treated my son last night and was very pleased, with the support at school and the communication to home I’m really happy with him and the school. So many thanks for all the hard work to you all.”

OCT 2019 – “Please do pass my comments on if you wish but the prefects on my tour were absolutely incredible.The knowledge and passion they brought on the tour was immense and they really gave heartfelt stories of their experiences at the school and with the teachers, that you can’t make up. You really all have done an amazing job and all the children were incredible in each individual way. Add to that, as I will give you honest feedback many of my friends have come away breath taken too. What was, a one school mind-set has made us all re-think now so this isn’t just me saying it many of my friends were gobsmacked.”

Oct 2019 – Hi Emma, it was lovely to meet you yesterday. We visited the other school today and I am glad to say we have chosen Newcastle Academy as our school for our son to go to!You really did show us how much you care for your students and that stood out for us! The school is a perfect fit for my son in so many areas. I will have a move date tomorrow or Thursday at best. So once this is confirmed I will get the ball rolling for admissions.  I will be in touch soon. Many thanks, Nicola

July 2019 – External Visitor to the School – Higher Horizon Project Officer “Thanks for organising the careers’ fair. I thought it went very well. The pupils seemed very interested and asked some very good questions.”

Really lovely feedback received from some of the parents of our year 6 transition students as the Vice Principal was on the gate this morning – ‘my son says yesterday was the best day he has ever had,’ ‘my son absolutely loves it here, so pleased we chose Newcastle.’

July 2019 – Year 8 Parent in regards to the extra-curricular opportunities her son has experienced  this year – ‘Thanks. I think our teens have had some great opportunities this school year. Much appreciated.’

July 2019 year 6 transition parent – ‘My son says yesterday was the best day he has ever had.’

July 2019 year 6 transition parent – ‘My son absolutely loves it here, so pleased we chose Newcastle.’

July 2019 – Year 9 parent –‘fab school …….lovely teachers and staff…..xxxxx’

My son, Sam, attended a Food Technology workshop at Newcastle Academy. He returned home with a box of goodies which he took great pleasure in telling me how he had his own work station and shared an oven with another child from his class. He really loved having the ability to be responsible for his own weighing of the ingredients, mixing the cake mixture together, and then watching his very own cakes rise in the oven!Sam said that he had been offered support by the Teacher and some students who were there to help, but he said that he didn’t need this – they just watched and supported, and he felt so grown up. He said that he and his classmates were one of the first to use the new unit and it was brilliant. He said that he even got to decorate his own box! He ran out of school proudly holding his box of goodies, telling me, and anyone who would listen that he had made them all by himself.  I would like to thank everyone who supported the visit. It is lovely for the year 5 students to get a look high schools, and some of what their future holds. Very exciting..

She wouldn’t stop texting  last night about how welcoming the school was, how smart the students were. Specific mention was made about the Maths & Science departments – how helpful the staff were and the students were amazing – Sue

Just wanted to say the presentation evening was really positive  and it was lovely to celebrate the achievements of the students.  It was a credit to the school and there must have been a lot of hard work put in to make it such a success. 

Thanks again for a positive celebration of Newcastle Academy. Onwards and upwards!

I really enjoyed working with all your students yesterday. They were well behaved, got involved and I found them an absolute pleasure to work with. – Paul C – Road Safety Officer

“Only a brief note in praise of one of your teachers, Mr H.  He has been absolutely excellent with his help and support for our daughter in year 8. He has emailed, often well, well after hours, sent us extra work and made himself available to her throughout the week.  We couldn’t ask for better help and we are very grateful.  She has received comfort from his encouragement in a subject which she finds difficult.

I single out Mr H as we’ve had contact,  but also many other teachers in your school do a brilliant job…..My daughter is very happy at school each day and obviously thinks very highly of her teachers and the staff.  Thanks again for everything you do.”  JL


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