Performing Arts students performed at the Regent Theatre!

Last night year 9 Performing Arts students performed at the Regent Theatre as part of the Schoolsfest event; the piece was devised using information from conducting interviews and research (as well as interviews with staff). The brief for the event was ‘The Local Area.’ As a class, students decided that they found the history of the local mines interesting and wished to devise a performance based on this; ‘Back in Time at Silverdale Mine’.
This is the first performance that these students have done, they worked alongside industry professionals and attended a Tech and Dress rehearsal where lighting cues and exits/entrances were plotted working closely with a Stage Manager and Lighting/Sound technicians. What an opportunity!
Students who performed at the Theatre really were superb; they did themselves and the Academy proud. The organiser commented on how poignant the piece was and how well they performed the piece, particular comments were made about the groups projection and vocal skills! Images are from the Dress/Tech rehearsal.

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