Student Leadership

Student Leadership

At Newcastle Academy we believe that students need to ‘learn for life.’ We believe that an individuals’ academic success, wellbeing and mental health depends not only on traditional qualifications, but on nurturing non-academic attributes like self-confidence, discipline and determination. It is not enough that someone is academically able if they cannot withstand the pressures that life can throw up. The ability for a child to develop character, courage and resilience to overcome setbacks are something we care deeply about at Newcastle Academy.

We have a range of pathways to encourage leadership in all students across all year groups. This includes as follows –

Student Ambassadors

Students from all year groups are expected to take up roles as student ambassadors for a wide range of areas including –
Transition Ambassadors
Charity Ambassadors
Environment Ambassadors
Well-being Ambassadors
Community Partnerships Ambassadors
Communication Ambassadors
Numeracy Ambassadors
Careers Ambassadors
From the sub groups above, senior ambassadors are chosen to represent their peers in communication with the Academy and Senior Staff within the Academy.

Character Curriculum

This is delivered to all students in years 7 and 8. Character Curriculum teaches the skills and qualities which are needed in school and the work place. They are taught explicitly and applied to different situations. The main aims of a character Curriculum are to allow students to develop their confidence in a safe environment, develop students both academically and emotionally and to give them the transferable skills needed to be successful in other subject areas.

Students are given different challenges to complete each term and using their self manager skills they plan, do and assess their work. Students are given some autonomy on which challenges they do, this helps to develop their independence and motivation.

Each week students are expected to complete a diary of what they have done during the lesson and plan for the next lesson. In addition at the end of the term, students will be assessed by themselves, peers and a member of staff. Certificates and rewards will be given to those students who have applied 100% effort and have met the challenges of that term.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh scheme is delivered to all students in Year 9 as a follow on from the Character Curriculum in years 7 and 8. The intent is to continue to develop students confidence, leadership ability and a willingness to take appropriate risk in order to promote resilience. The programme has four elements including –

Volunteering – undertaken within our local community. We are thrilled to be able to link our students with the residents of Lisbon Place which allows for growth of positive mentoring relationships.

Skill – All students learn valuable life skills which are fully transferrable into their futures. There is a focus on budgeting for life in order to equip students with the ability to manage money within a household.

Physical – All students have to undertake a physical fitness programme that demonstrates improvement in a chosen sporting area. Students are expected to plan and evaluate the effectiveness of their own program.

Expedition – All students are expected to take part in two overnight expeditions. In order to complete this successfully they must learn to navigate, complete a basic first aid course and cook for themselves.

Tutor Programme

All students across all year groups follow a tutor programme which focuses on 5 pillars.

World of Work
Volunteering and Membership

Students work towards achieving 3 different leadership levels for all 5 pillars, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students are rewarded when they have completed and evidenced each level. Students can complete these activities during the school day, by participating in enrichment activities, or evidencing tasks they have completed in their own time.