Uniform & Equipment

A school is a place of work. Students need to appreciate that there is a difference between dress for work and the free self-expression, which goes with dress for leisure time.

1. Coats and other items, which are not part of school uniform, should be removed when entering the foyer areas of all buildings. Such items of clothing should not be put on again while going between lessons, but only when students are about to leave the school premises.

2. Black Blazer: with school logo on the breast pocket

3. White Shirt: plain white with long or short sleeves and collar suitable for wearing school tie. This means a shirt with a fastening top bottom, shirts must be tucked in at all times;

4. School Tie: Newcastle Academy Tie

5. Girls’ Skirts must be: plain black with the school logo on;

6. Trousers must: be black plain tailored – with a defined waistband and zip;

  • hang from the waist line
  • not drag or touch the ground
  • not be hipsters
  • not have a belt or buckle either sewn to the trouser or loose
  • not be of tight or figure hugging material
  • not have logos on them.

These items should be checked before entering the classroom

7. Training shoes are not part of the school uniform, for health and safety reasons. If students wear them at break or lunchtime to play sport, then they should change back into their shoes before their next lesson. Shoes: Platform shoes, high heels, boots or shoes with no backs are not allowed for health and safety reasons. Shoes should not be in trainer style and must not have any logos showing.

8. Jewellery, apart from one ear stud per ear and a watch, is not allowed. This is in the school uniform information and should not be worn both for health and safety reasons and on the grounds of security.

9. Make-up, Nail Varnish, Nail Gel and extended nails should not be worn for health and safety reasons.

Any student persistently flouting this Dress Code will be reported
and suitable steps taken to prevent repetition