Anti-bullying at Newcastle Academy

Newcastle Academy have an on-going commitment to improving the school environment for our students. The school has a ‘duty of care’ towards its pupils with regard to bullying in that the Principal and staff stand in loco parentis (in place of the parents). This duty of care includes protecting pupils from harm of bullying.

This page aims to give students the reassurance that all staff at Newcastle Academy are working together to ensure that every student has a voice that is heard against bullying. We aim to empower students to understand, recognise, and say NO to bullying, violence and harassment by giving them the tools to transform their lives and the lives of their peers.

What is bullying?

Newcastle Academy follow the Department of Education guidance which defines bullying as : ‘Behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally”.

Different forms of bullying are:

Verbal bullying – name-calling, taunting, mocking, making offensive comments and teasing.
Physical bullying – kicking, hitting, punching, pushing and pinching.
Emotional bullying – producing offensive graffiti, excluding people from groups, spreading hurtful and untrue rumours, being forced to do things against own will and taking belongings or money.
Cyber bullying – offensive text messaging and e-mailing and sending degrading images by phone or the internet.

I am being bullied, what should I do?

There are lots of people working in school who you can speak to if you are worried including the Anti-Bullying Student Embassadors. Try and speak to a teacher that you get on well with or your House Leader, as they can give you advice on how to deal with the issue and they can help to prevent it from happening.

I’m worried about speaking to someone…

We realise this can be overwhelming sometimes which is why we have introduced a BOTHER BOX that students can email if they wish to talk to someone about bullying. Please click the picture below to be directed to our bother box.

Our commitment to you is that all emails will be responded to within 24 hours and will remain confidential unless we feel that you are at risk of harm. As part of our service we will give you the chance to continue contact through email or the chance to meet with someone who can support you further. We can also arrange for you to meet with a peer mentor – another student in the school who can offer you advice.

There are also many external organisations and charities available to support young people some of which we have listed below: