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Hello Year 6,  My name is Mr Tracey and I am one of the IT (pronounced EYE TEA) teachers at Newcastle Academy.  

I have been at Newcastle Academy for 5 years and teaching for 3 years. My main subject at Newcastle is ICT but I do like to take part and help in the PE department with after school sport fixtures when possible.  

Outside of school I enjoy spending time caring for my Mum and coaching local, National and International athletes for sprinting at Northwood stadium or local hills in the Newcastle area.  

I don’t like flying, hot weather, cows, the dark, Stoke City, Man United or spiders.  

I do like cold weather, chocolate (if it isn’t Galaxy), dogs, watching TV & films (especially football), dipping toast into a cup of tea so the butter floats on the top and playing on my PlayStation  

See you in September.  

Mr Tracey