The Music Department offers opportunities for students to participate in concerts and shows from all ability levels on three occasions over the course of a Year. There is an opportunity for students to learn a musical instrument in Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Keyboard or Piano, Guitar and Singing taught by a talented group of peripatetic staff. There are various extra –curricular clubs on offer such as Treblemakers, Acapella singers, orchestra and a guitar club. We aim to enable all students to receive a positive experience in music through the development of listening, performing and compositional skills. This will be achieved through a variety of musical experiences of ensemble and solo work. We offer challenge to develop their leadership and team building skills as independent learners and creative thinkers by building their confidence in a friendly environment. You can encourage your child to develop and appreciation of music by


Extra-curricular activities

  • Treblemakers – at Newcastle and Clayton
  • Acapella Singers – Clayton
  • Guitar Club – Clayton
  • Orchestra – at Newcastle and Clayton