DofE 2020

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

The award is an opportunity to complete a variety of tasks, that provide the individual with experience and confidence in what they are doing.

The Duke of Edinburgh has 3 awards which are Bronze, Silver and Gold. At Newcastle Academy we offer the Bronze award to all of Year 9, fully funded and integrated into the student’s curriculum. All students will undertake the award because we feel that it will allow them to stand out from the crowd whilst allowing them to develop skills, confidence and an edge over others when you apply for college, university or a job. Pupils will also develop communication, leadership and teamwork skills as well making a difference to other people’s lives and their community.

What do we do at Newcastle Academy?

There are four areas that the students will undertake during the award and these are:

Physical section
Skills Section
Volunteering Section
Expedition Section


The Physical section is completed in curriculum time and the students have in the past completed Archery and this year are undertaking designing their own Physical Training Program. They will be undertaking this section for 6 months.

The Skills section is also undertaken in lesson and the focus is on Money Management. Pupils will learn about budgeting, marketing and design and cost a product. This will be undertaken for 3 months.

The Volunteering section is completed at Lisbon Place, a local retirement home. Pupils complete an hour a week volunteering with the residents. In the past we have taken part in arts and crafts, cake decorating, quizzes and chocolate making to name a few. This year though, due to Covid we are volunteering by creating activity packs for the residents to complete and also looking at the possibility of hosting virtual bingo and quizzes. This section also runs for 3 months.

The Expedition is run by an external company and lasts for 2 days and 1 night. Pupils will be given a route to follow and need to work together in a group to navigate their way to base camp, where they will pitch their tent, prepare their own meals and camp out. In the morning they will then navigate their way back to school.