Contact the Community Lettings Team on 01782 973016 (answerphone available) or email community@uetrust.org

Newcastle Academy hosts a large number of clubs, social and sporting activities through our community lettings programme, using our extensive facilities during evenings and weekends all year round, when the grounds are not occupied by pupils.

Facilities include:

  • Large main hall with stage area, overhead big screen projector, sound system and computer link up.
  • Two large sports halls, suitable for indoor football, badminton, netball and basketball. The sports halls include 2 indoor cricket nets and indoor volleyball court.
  • Outdoor sports court/Astroturf
  • Classrooms and conference areas
  • Woodwork room
  • Food Technology Room

Our hiring hours are ;

Monday to Friday 4pm until 9pm
Saturday Available upon request
Sunday Available upon request

How do I make an enquiry?

To enquire into the availability of one of our facilities, simply complete the following form: UET Lettings Enquiry

We currently host a number of annual and monthly events, regular weekly clubs and ad-hoc community celebrations across all our sites. To arrange hire or make an enquiry, contact the Community Lettings Team on 01782 973016 (answerphone available) or email community@uetrust.org. We are also on Facebook and Twitter: @UETCommunity

Or complete the relevant form below and we will be in touch.

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