Year 6 Admissions

Many thanks for your interest in Newcastle Academy. We have the privilege of preparing our students for the exciting and demanding world of the 21st Century and are dedicated to instilling in them the skills and qualities which will make them fulfilled adults of the future.  We are an Academy that has seen significant transformation and we are ambitious in our vision to ensure that this continues by providing the very best opportunities for learning to both students and staff. 

Our vision is

To provide a rounded education for all of our students

To make our academies a part of the community they serve

To provide outstanding teaching and pastoral support through well qualified and motivated staff

We have a genuine desire to do the very best for our students and their families, and firmly believe that the partnerships we create with parents, carers and the wider communities will improve outcomes for all of our students.

Newcastle Academy believes that providing students with a wide range of opportunities of all kinds (sporting, cultural, creative, academic, etc.) enriches the lives of our young people and helps us to drive up standards. We also know that the Pastoral support that we provide ensures that our students are guided sensitively through the varying stages of their secondary education.

Opportunities at Newcastle Academy have never been greater. The challenge of preparing young people for adulthood has never been more demanding or exciting. Together we can ensure each student leaves us as an educated, articulate, young adult prepared to embrace our wonderful world.

We believe passionately that students need to ‘learn for life.’    We believe that an individuals’ academic success, wellbeing and mental health are all of equal importance.  This depends not only on traditional qualifications, but, in addition on nurturing non-academic attributes like self-confidence, discipline and determination.  Developing all of these will ensure that our students are able to withstand the pressures that life can throw up.  The ability for a child to develop character, courage and resilience to overcome setbacks are something we care deeply about at Newcastle Academy.